Yaniv! Card Game for Android 2.8

Yaniv! Card Game for Android 2.8


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Date Added:25 November, 2012

Author: Daniel Evans

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One of the most addicting Card Games on the planet.

It's easy and simple to learn, but more experienced players know there's a deep level of strategy. Now, for the first time, you can play this game alone against computer players. Options include: picking from among six different card decks, changing the game speed, and selecting a score limit.

I first learned of this game while studying abroad in New Zealand. My friends and I met Israeli travellers while we were camping on a mountain and they taught us how to play by candlelight in our hut.

I have programmed a addicting and fun version of the Yaniv Card Game, freely available for everyone. In it, you can battle three other computer players for total Yaniv domination!
Release notes: New Release
Next up: iPhone and Android applications for Yaniv Card Game! I'll be working with a small contingent of developers to bring you unique, high-quality applications that should be loads of fun anywhere you go with your phone! Stay tuned because more great Yaniv products will be coming out soon!
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Systems: Android

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